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Name: W. G. Jackson
Captain: Hecox, Eric
Length: 64.5 feet
Beam: 19.5 feet
Draft: 5.5 feet
Speed: 12 knots
Displacement: 76 tons
Hull: steel/displacement
Year: 1996


Vessel USCG certified for overnight passengers

Home port: Muskegon, Michigan

Fleet Captain: Tony Fiore e-mail:

Education Specialist: Christina Cantanese e-mail:

1st Period 2nd Period
Crew Size ( inc. Captain ): 4
Number of Scientists Vessel can Accommodate: 6
Field Season: April 26 to October 14
Operation Days / Year: 180
Schedule Finalized in: Scheduling begins 1 May year in advance

- No, does not contain option.   - Yes, contains option.
Science Officer in Crew?:
Crew Provides Onboard Science Support?:
Payment In Kind? Time on Another Ship?
Fuel as a type of "Payment in Kind"?
Needed Equipment as a type of "Payment In Kind"?
"Piggyback" Research Permitted When Possible?
Encourage Crosstraining other Agencies with Vessel and Crew?
Vessel made available to outside Researchers?

Outside Research Payment: Yes, $2700 per 12hr day, fees subject to change based on actual cost
Electrical Power: 120 VAC, 12 VDC
Water Supplies: potable and distilled
Refrigerators / Freezers: 2
Incubators / Water Baths:
Vacuum Pumps:
P.H. Meters: Yes
D.O. Meters: Winkler titration
Conductivity: Yes
Lab Space: 350
Radar: Raytheon
GPS: Raytheon DGPS
Radio: 2
Depth Sounders: 2 (one is a chart recorder)
Winches / Cranes: yes (see other)
CTD`s BT`s: Seabird, Hydrolab, BT
Niskin Bottles: 3 Van Dorn, 1 Kemmer
Corers: 1 gravity
Grabs: Ponar
Trawl Nets: otter trawl
Plankton Nets: 2
Wind Speed / Direction: Yes
Thermometer: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Institution Required Certification:
Certification Captain: Master 100 Ton
Certification Crew:
Certification Engineer:
Home Port: Muskegon, Michigan
Home Port Lake: Lake Michigan
Institution: Annis Water Resources Institute - Grand Valley State University
Contact Name: Tony Fiore or Christina Cantanese - Annis Water Resources Institute, GVSU
Address: 740 W. Shoreline Drive
City: Muskegon
State / Province: Michigan
Country: United States
Postal / Zip Code: 49441
Phone: (616) 331-3855
Fax: (616) 331-3864
Email: Christina Cantenese, Capt Fi
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