Great Lakes science vessels work on a freshwater sea of more than 94,000 square miles helping scientists, educators and resource managers understand, restore and protect a global treasure.

GLASS is dedicated to improving communication & collaboration between science vessels & helping to best match the capabilities of all vessels with the needs of research & educational programs throughout the Great Lakes. This database includes U.S. & Canadian vessels in a wide range of sizes & capabilities. Information about active public & private research or educational vessels is posted. Information about old science vessels that are retired or no longer in service as science ships is also provided for reference and is marked: (historical). Use the ship locator map to find science vessels, check their status, locations, schedules & points of contact. Registered users can post news, job openings, announcements, shipyards & suppliers and other documents.

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Featured News

Posted under Latest News on 2020-03-16
The 2019 Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division, Vessel Program Newsletter is now available at the link below. [read more]
Posted under Latest News on 2020-03-13
The meeting record for the 2020 Science Vessel Coordination Workshop has been posted on CanAmGlass under "Reports" the workshop agenda and presentations are also available to review. [read more]
Posted under Latest News on 2019-12-10
The 2020 Science Vessel Coordination Workshop was held at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan on January 9, 2020. There was also an open house sponsored by the NMC Great Lakes Waters Studi... [read more]
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