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What is Sci-Vessel ?
Sci-Vessel is an electronic meeting place where Great Lakes science vessel operators, managers, researchers and other users can discuss and exchange information to promote wider communication and coordination among the Great Lakes science vessel community.

Announcements, requests for information, availability for research and discussion of all aspects of science vessel operation, management and use are welcome and encouraged. List subscribers are expected to limit topics of their email submissions to vessel-related information considered to be valuable to vessel operators, researchers, managers and users at-large.

Sci-Vessel is a "closed" list and only subscribers to the list are able to post to the list. Non-member submissions are forwarded to the list manager for approval. Spam, inappropriate e-mail and unsubscribed users will be blocked and deleted.

Sci-Vessel is managed by Mark Burrows .

Disclaimer: Although IJC, GLERL/NOAA/USDOC and the GLIN/Great Lakes Commission encourage appropriate use of this list server, neither organization endorses views expressed in any/all postings.

How to Send a Message to Sci-Vessel:
To send a message to Sci-Vessel, simply send an e-mail message to This message will reach all list subscribers; therefore, do not use it to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list (see below for instructions).

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe:
To join Sci-Vessel, follow this link: To unsubscribe from the Sci-Vessel list follow the instructions provided for the group on the list server page for google groups.


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