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Name: Lampsilis
Length: 82 feet
Beam: 23 feet
Draft: 2.6 feet
Speed: 12 knots
Displacement: 114 gross tonnage; 29 net tonnage tons
Hull: Twin Hull Displacement
Year: 2004


The Lampsilis works in the Great Lakes and in the freshwater part of the St.Lawrence River and its estuarine transition zone. The shallow draft of this ship allows it to effectively sample all types of habitats in the Great lakes and in the St.Lawrence River, including low depth shoreline habitats, flood plains, high water velocity zones of the seaway channel and the zone of estuarine transition. Click the following link to exit to the Lampsilis web page: 

For details of the unique design and construction of the Lampsilis please see:; or  Concept Naval Website

1st Period 2nd Period
Crew Size ( inc. Captain ): 4
Number of Scientists Vessel can Accommodate: 8
Field Season: April to November
Operation Days / Year: Can go up to 160 days a year
Schedule Finalized in:

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Science Officer in Crew?:
Crew Provides Onboard Science Support?:
Payment In Kind? Time on Another Ship?
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"Piggyback" Research Permitted When Possible?
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Vessel made available to outside Researchers?

Outside Research Payment:
Electrical Power: Two independant generating sets; 60 cycle 127/220 volts, 35 kW (Perkins), 3 phase
Water Supplies: 1000 L reservoir
Refrigerators / Freezers: 23,0 pi3 refrigerator/freezer; 3.6 pi3 @-80?C
Incubators / Water Baths: 20L water bath, ambient to 100?C (3)
Vacuum Pumps: Millipore Chemical Duty Vacuum Pressure Pump 2.45 bar maximum pressure, 37L/min maximum flow rate
P.H. Meters: FISHER Accumet pH/mV/?C/conductivity meter and 6600-M YSI multisensor
D.O. Meters: 6600-M YSI multisensor
Conductivity: FISHER Accumet pH/mV/?C/conductivity meter and 6600-M YSI multisensor
Lab Space: Dry lab : 10.4 m2; Wet Lab : 17.1 m2
Other: Wet and Dry Labs equipped with a spectroradiometer, transmissiometer, fluorimeter, Doppler effect current meter, hydrolab, geomatic equipment, water, zooplankton, periphyton and zooplankton samplers. Also equipped with stereoscopic microscope, and computers.
Radar: Raymarine C120
Radio: Icom IC-M601
Depth Sounders: Raymarine DS 600x
Other: Electronic chart: Raychart C120\\r\\nMagnetic compass : Ritchie
Winches / Cranes: Crane : Heila 1 tonne; Winches : 2 Titan TH1 Rotzler, 200kg; 1 Titan TH1 Rotzler, 1000 kg; 1 Hauler, 12? diameter
CTD`s BT`s: 6600-M YSI multisensor with Turbidity, Conductivity and Depth sensor, plus O2 sensor, pH/ORP sensor
Niskin Bottles: no
Corers: Ballchek Corer 36?? tube
Grabs: 2 Ekman grabs; 1 Ponar grab
Other: 2 2.5L GO-FLO;\\r\\n2 8L GO-FLO;\\r\\n2 Biological dredge with net
Trawl Nets: Pelagic trawl; Bottom trawl
Plankton Nets: Zooplakton nets 153?m, 243?m, 500?m
Other: equipped with bottom and pelagic trawls
Wind Speed / Direction: Yes
Thermometer: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Institution Required Certification:
Certification Captain:
Certification Crew:
Certification Engineer:
Home Port: Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Home Port Lake: St. Lawrence R.
Institution: University of Quebec in Rimouski, aka UQAR
Contact Name: Erik Lapointe, or Richard Sanfaon
City: 310, Alle des Ursulines
State / Province: Rimouski (Quebec)
Country: Canada
Postal / Zip Code: G5L 3A1
Phone: 418-723-1986 (1260)
Fax: 418-724-1842
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