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Name: Spencer F. Baird
Captain: Bohn, David
Length: 95 feet
Beam: 30 feet
Draft: 9.5 feet
Speed: 12.77 knots
Displacement: 256 tons
Hull: Steel
Year: 2006


Photo Credit: Karla Bartelt/USFWS Staterooms: two single, three double occupancy Fuel Capacity: 8,160 gallons Potable water: 1,925 gallons Propulsion: Geared diesel engines, 850 BHP each at 2,100 RPM; Two 54-inch diameter, four-blade, fixed pitch propellers on solid shafts Speed: Maximum: 14.7 MPH; Minimum: trawling sustainable for 45 minutes at 1 MPH Certification: USCG Uninspected Vessel, ABS International Load Line, Route: Exposed waters/Great Lakes winter, Class: ABS A1, AMS, Survey/Fishing Vessel and Ice Class CO notation per ABS Steel Vessel Rules, 2004 Science spaces: wet lab and gill net lifting station in starboard bow, dry lab for electronics and wing control station forward of amidships. Fish tanks: Ten 1,000-gallon removable tanks designed to minimize fish seasickness, three large access hatches to facilitate fish monitoring, repair and maintenance of tanks and transport of larger fish. Fish capacity: 190,000 six-inch fish per trip. Oxygen system: Onboard oxygen concentrator system, 15 l/minute. Dual ballast/chilled water system: 3,440 gallons, chilled from 65?to 45? Fahrenheit in less than 10 hours. For more information see: Fact Sheet for Spencer Baird

1st Period 2nd Period
Crew Size ( inc. Captain ): 4
Number of Scientists Vessel can Accommodate: 4
Field Season:
Operation Days / Year:
Schedule Finalized in:

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Science Officer in Crew?:
Crew Provides Onboard Science Support?:
Payment In Kind? Time on Another Ship?
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"Piggyback" Research Permitted When Possible?
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Vessel made available to outside Researchers?

Outside Research Payment:
Electrical Power: 110 v AC
Water Supplies: Potable and lake water supply in lab
Refrigerators / Freezers: Chest freezer - 4 ft
Incubators / Water Baths: N/A
Vacuum Pumps: N/A
P.H. Meters: N/A
D.O. Meters: N/A
Lab Space: Wet Lab 200 sq ft; Dry Lab 90 sq ft.
Radar: 2
GPS: 2
Radio: 2
Depth Sounders: 2
Winches / Cranes: two, Rapp Hydema TWS 500 trawl winches removable from main deck, with 1500 m of 5/8 wire rope with length markers ever 10 m, each with about 7 ton pull capacity
CTD`s BT`s: Seabird SBE 19 temperature and conductivity profiler
Niskin Bottles:
Trawl Nets: 6 - 39 ft headrope, 52 ft footrope 3/4 (No. 35) Yankee Bottom trawls, 1 - 720 x 6
Plankton Nets: N/A
Wind Speed / Direction: RM Young Co. Model 05103 Wind Monitor
Thermometer: RM Young Co. Model 05103 Wind Monitor
Barometer: RM Young Co. Model 62102
Institution Required Certification:
Certification Captain: Captain
Certification Crew: First Officer
Certification Engineer: Chief Engineer and Asst. Engineer
Home Port: Cheboygan, Michigan
Home Port Lake: Lake Huron
Institution: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Contact Name: Scott Koproski
Address: 480 West Fletcher St.
City: Alpena
State / Province: Michigan
Country: United States
Postal / Zip Code: 49707
Phone: (231)356-5102
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