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Name: Cisco
Captain: Linley, Dallas
Length: 38 feet
Beam: 12 feet
Draft: 3 feet
Speed: 37 knots
Displacement: 8.7 tons
Hull: Aluminum
Year: 2016

Built by Kanter Marine of St. Thomas, Ontario. Has a large open aft deck with a small crane, A frame, trawling winch and side davit. Vessel is powered by twin Volvo Penta 435's driving Hamilton Jet HJ322's and holds 1200 L of diesel, giving us about a 300 NM range. Microwave, small fridge, coffee maker and kettle. Head, but no bunks. 
1st Period 2nd Period
Crew Size ( inc. Captain ): 2
Number of Scientists Vessel can Accommodate: 4
Field Season: April through November
Operation Days / Year: 160
Schedule Finalized in: April

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Science Officer in Crew?:
Crew Provides Onboard Science Support?:
Payment In Kind? Time on Another Ship?
Fuel as a type of "Payment in Kind"?
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"Piggyback" Research Permitted When Possible?
Encourage Crosstraining other Agencies with Vessel and Crew?
Vessel made available to outside Researchers?

Outside Research Payment:
Electrical Power: 10 kw gen, cabin UPS, 12-V
Water Supplies: FW tank, lake water sampling line
Refrigerators / Freezers:
Incubators / Water Baths:
Vacuum Pumps:
P.H. Meters:
D.O. Meters:
Lab Space:
Other: Computer available connected to NMEA2000 system on vessel
Radar: Simrad 4G
GPS: Simrad GS25
Radio: 2 Simrad RS35, Std Horizons HX300
Depth Sounders: Airmar SS175CH (CHIRP)
Other: DST800 (Depth/Speed/Water Temperature), : Simrad NSS12 evo 2 MFD, FLIR thermo/night vision camera, WSO100 weather station, Autopilot, AIS class B, Wireless GOFREE system, Charts: Navionics Platinum plus, search light.
Winches / Cranes: Fassi M10A.12 with extension (2194-661lbs)
CTD`s BT`s: AML micro CTD, RBR maestro and duo
Niskin Bottles: Available along with Van Dorn bottles
Grabs: Ekman/Ponar Available
Other: Hawboldt custom trawl winch(4000 lbs) with metered sheave and interface with onboard computer, Custom davit with hydraulic winch and 400m of cable (800lbs), AGO CSW-6 portable electric winch spooled with 230m of 9 conductor cable including 3 twisted pairs, 2000lbs breaking strength, Tow Post (4000lbs), A-frame (4000lbs). Hydro-Bios Integrating Water Sampling, Rinko III ARO-CAV optical fast DO, Turner Phytoflash
Trawl Nets: single line w/bridle, 4m mouth, mid-water, bottom
Plankton Nets: 30cm to 1m nets avail w/variety of mesh sizes
Other: SeaSciences Acrobat towed undulating Array (LOPC, CTD, YSI EXO 2)
Wind Speed / Direction: WSO 100
Thermometer: WSO 100
Barometer: WSO 100
Institution Required Certification:
Certification Captain: Ltd Masters 60GT and less, 1st aid and tech cert
Certification Crew: SVOP, MED A3, 1st Aid
Certification Engineer: N/A
Home Port: Burlington, Ontario
Home Port Lake: Lake Ontario
Institution: Dept. Fisheries and Oceans
Contact Name: Dallas Linley
Address: 367 Lakeshore Rd
City: Burlington
State / Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Postal / Zip Code: L7S 1A1
Phone: 905-336-4708
Fax: 905-336-6437
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