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  • Carboline Marine Paint

    Posted by Carboline under Classifieds on 2016-01-06
    The Marine and Offshore division of Carboline has been recognized as a predominant supplier of high performance, long life coatings exposed to a severe marine environment for a great number of years. Our expertise in providing products and technical service to the marine industry is invaluable to our customers.  Carboline offers a comprehensive line of zinc primers, epoxy anticorrosive, high performance topcoats and antifoulings that will provide service for up to 60 months. Our high temperature coatings, interior primers and finishes, surface tolerant coatings, and highly chemically resistant tank linings shows the range in our ability to provide high quality coatings for virtually any service requirement.

    Carboline's service network can take care of any vessel, from offshore service vessels, tugs and barges, vehicle and personnel transportation vessels and deep sea shipping to provide the same high level of product technology and service that has become the standard in the industrial coatings market.

    Contact me:


    Mike Cosby

    734 658-8715 

  • Please Update Vessel Data

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2015-11-20
    Vessel operators - please take a few minutes to review the vessels listed on our website under the "Ships" tab above or the vessel locator map and let me know if any vessels need to be added or removed.  Your feedback will help us update the database and serves as valuable input for the 2016 edition of Greenwood's Guide to the Great Lakes.  Please send you comments and suggestions to 
  • Please Complete Survey for 2016 Workshop

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2015-11-20
    A survey of science vessel operators and GLASS members was sent out last week requesting input on topics to be presented at the 2016 science vessel coordination workshop being planned for January 14, 2016 at the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City Michigan.  The link to the survey is copied below for those who may have been overlooked in the e-mail list-server.  Your response by November 25th  would be appreciated.  Survey link:



  • USGS Research Vessel Dedication Ceremony Today - 31 August 2015

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2015-08-31
    There will be a research vessel dedication ceremony today at the USGS vessel base in Cheboygan, Michigan at 1 pm - for more information please see the following link: USGS Press Release
  • Summer Camp aboard Appledore IV

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2015-07-24
    Unforgettable experience voyaging around Lake Huron and Georgian Bay - Windward Bound Voyages - August 1-7 and August 7-12 - for more information visit the website or call Scott Ellis at (989) 895-5193 or e-mail at
  • Nancy K Featured on Great Lakes Echo

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2014-07-16
    The Nancy K is featured in the latest Great Lakes Echo supporting research on plastic in the Great Lakes. See the following link for the full story
    - Click here==> Great Lakes Echo

  • U.S. Brig Niagara at Great Lakes Shipyard

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2013-10-14
    See the Marine Link article at:

    Read about how the U.S. Brig Niagara, Erie, Pennsylvania’s Flagship, was hauled out at Great Lakes Shipyard for routine drydocking and repairs using the Marine Travelift.  

  • New Fleet Status Report

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2013-10-08
    Maritime Today - October 7, 2013 - Sailing for Science - Article by Edward Lundquist - Assessment of the nation's fleet of research vessels.  See:


  • Students Study onboard W.G. Jackson

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2013-10-02
    Read about a unique program on board the GVSU research vessel W.G. Jackson that was made possible by a grant from Alcoa to the Annis Water Research Institute:  GVSU News Release
  • STCW Approved Courses

    Posted by rmarazon under Classifieds on 2012-03-14
    Visit our website to view U.S. Coast Guard Approved STCW course offerings, schedules, and fees as well as overnight accommodations - room and board.
  • Hurry! - Great Deal on a Science Vessel

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2012-02-15
    The RV Barney Devine is currently for auction on the following web site:  under "Boats and Marine Supplies".  The ship served for many years completing important research on Lake Michigan for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  It was replaced by the RV Coregonus in August 2011.  Bidding will close on 2/28/2012.  The listing has a great collection of photos of the ship and its a great deal at the current bid. Please click on the following:  Direct Link to the listing for Barney Devine for all the details.  
  • Job Opening - First Officer

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2012-02-03
    New posting 2/3/2012 - see the following link:  Jobs Page for details - 
  • Coriolis II Featured in Green Marine

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2011-09-01
    This Latest issue of Green Marine Magazine contains a very nice article about the Coriolis II, a member of  and a past participant in the annual science vessel coordination workshop -  For a direct Link to article see the following link: The Great Lakes science vessel fleet is also receiving some publicity by Greenwoods Guide to Great Lakes Shipping which now includes a section on research vessels.  See for information about the guide.  As you know, there is never enough publicity about the good work these vessels carry out on the Great Lakes!
  • Michigan Seeks Boat Captains

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2011-03-15
    Michigan DNR is advertising two full time Assistant Captain positions - one position in Marquette working on Lake Superior and one in Alpena, Michigan working on Lake Huron - see the CanAmGlass Jobs page for more information.
  • 2 New USGS Great Lakes Research Vessels to be Built

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2010-08-25
    On June 25, 2010 the USGS awarded an $8.2 million contract to the Great Lakes Towing Company (Cleveland, Ohio) for the construction of two large research vessels.  This new vessel construction is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and has created jobs for 20 additional employees at the shipyard.  These much needed new research vessels will replace the oldest vessels in the USGS fleet with much more capable and efficient vessels, with lower maintenance costs. One vessel will be home ported at the USGS Lake Erie Biological Station in Sandusky, Ohio  while the other will find a home at the USGS Lake Ontario Biological Station in Oswego, New York. Construction of both vessels should be completed in September 2011.  In addition, Great Lakes Towing will be installing a new anchor system on the deepwater research vessel Kiyi stationed in Ashland, Wisconsin.  For more information see "Vessel Building and Rehab" on the USGS Great Lakes Science Center Website.

  • Electronic Navigation Charts Safety Issue

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2010-03-08
    In February 2010 the International Hydrographic Office (IHO) informed member states of a potentially serious issue with the display of some soundings on ECDIS.  When the user is utilizing either Base or Standard Display in an ECDIS, soundings are normally turned off.  While using these display modes, if there is an isolated sounding that is shoaler than the surrounding depth contours it will not be highlighted in the navigation system. 

     In Full Display mode the isolated sounding is shown and the mariner can see by visual inspection that there are isolated shoals located on the wrong side of the depth contour.  In Standard and Base Display with the safety contour set to 3.6M the isolated shoals are not depicted.  Since the ECDIS does not set off any type of warnings or alarms for these types of soundings in any display mode, it is important that the mariner turn soundings on during route planning and route monitoring to ensure that there are no isolated soundings in the voyage path.   Click Here for more information. 

    In order to rectify this situation, NOAA has begun examining its entire ENC suite for these explicit cases and has issued the following notice to mariner to highlight the issue: NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts – Display of Isolated Shoal Soundings 

    Mariners are advised that ECDIS may not display some isolated shoal depths when operating in “BASE or STANDARD Display” mode.  Route planning and monitoring alarms for these shoal depths may not always be activated.  To ensure safe navigation and to confirm that a planned route is clear of such dangers, mariners should visually inspect the planned route using the ECDIS configured to display “ALL DATA”.  The Mariner should not solely rely on the automated voyage planning check function.  NOAA is in the process of examining its ENC data for these cases and will issue a notice to mariner for each area that has been examined and updated.

    In addition, NOAA will begin by examining and correcting the following ports as its first priority:  1 New York, NY

    2 LA/Long Beach, CA

    3 Valdez, AK

    4 Boston, MA

    5 Philadelphia, PA

    6 Norfolk, VA

    7 Tampa, FL

    8 Baltimore, MD

    9 Portland, ME

    10 Portland, OR

    11 San Francisco/Oakland, CA

    12 Seattle/Tacoma, WA

    13 Honolulu/Pearl Harbor, HI

    14 Anacortes, WA

    15 Miami, FL

    16 Port Everglades, FL

    17 Jacksonville, FL

    18 Paulsboro, NJ

    19 Charleston, SC

    20 Houston, TX

    21 New Orleans, LA

    The rest of the US ENC suite will be examined in the coming months as resources allow.
  • Welcome Air Services of Cleveland

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2010-01-19
    We welcome a new supplier to our "Shipyards and Suppliers" page... Air Services of Cleveland - Marine Division - please see their brochure at the following link:

    Air Services of Cleveland

  • High Pressure CO2 Fire Extinguisher Alert

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2009-07-23
    The US Coast Guard issued a safety alert advising of a potential problem involving certain ANSUL – High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishing Systems. There have been several instances where this system has discharged without human intervention. The manufacturer has identified the suspect CO2 cylinder valves as those having a date code between 10-07 and 06- 08. Owners, operators, and masters of ships having such ANSUL systems should immediately check the dates on the CO2 cylinder valves and notify ANSUL if the date code is within the suspect range. Safety Alert 05-09 (7/21/09). (Source: Bryant’s Maritime News)

  • Vessel General Permit (VGP)

    Posted by Capt.Miller under Latest News on 2009-01-29
    Vessel Discharges

    Final Vessel General Permit

    The 2008 Vessel General Permit (VGP) regulates discharges incidental to the normal operation of vessels operating in a capacity as a means of transportation. The VGP includes general effluent limits applicable to all discharges; general effluent limits applicable to 26 specific discharge streams; narrative water-quality based effluent limits; inspection, monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements; and additional requirements applicable to certain vessel types.

    Recreational vessels as defined in section 502(25) of the Clean Water Act are not subject to this permit. In addition, with the exception of ballast water discharges, non-recreational vessels less than 79 feet (24.08 meters) in length, and all commercial fishing vessels, regardless of length, are not subject to this permit. Click here to find out how to obtain authorization to discharge under the VGP.


    On March 30, 2005, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (in Northwest Environmental Advocates et al. v. EPA) ruled that the EPA regulation excluding discharges incidental to the normal operation of a vessel from NPDES permitting exceeded the Agency’s authority under the CWA. On September 18, 2006, the Court issued an order revoking this regulation (40 C.F.R. 122.3(a)) as of September 30, 2008. EPA appealed the District Court's decision, and on July 23, 2008, the Ninth Circuit upheld the decision, leaving the September 30, 2008 vacatur date in effect. In response to this Court order, EPA developed two proposed permits to regulate discharges from vessels. The district court subsequently extended the date of vacatur to December 19, 2008.

  • House Urges New Tug Rules

    Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2008-09-19

    House Urges New Tug Rules

    --- When Rear Adm. James Watson IV promised Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., at a hearing Tuesday that the Coast Guard would issue proposed rules regulating tugboats in 2009, Cummings asked Watson to repeat the pledge.
    The frustration with the long-delayed new rules on tugs gained new urgency this summer when an oil spill in the Mississippi River shut down shipping through New Orleans. The spill has been blamed on a tugboat being operated by a company that was involved in another accident on the river 10 days earlier.

    It's been four year since Congress ordered the Coast Guard to create rules requiring the regular inspection of towing vessels and setting limits on the number of hours that crew members work each day. Neither set of rules has been issued

    As the Coast Guard's mission has been expanded in the age of homeland security, it appears that tugboat safety is not foremost on the agenda.

    On July 23, the tugboat Mel Oliver, pushing the fuel barge DM 932, crossed in front of and collided with the 600-foot motor tanker Tintomara. Nearly 300,000 gallons of oil spilled from the barge.

    It was determined that the Mel Oliver was under the control of a steersman apprentice, whose license did not authorize him to operate the vessel without the captain being in the wheelhouse. The captain was not on board at the time of the accident.

    The Coast Guard held two days of hearings on the accident in New Orleans in mid-August, and Watson said the hearings will resume Oct. 9 with about 30 more witnesses.

    In May, the American Waterways Operators, found DRD wanting on its safety audit. At the hearing, Thomas Allegretti, president and CEO of the association, said that with Coast Guard regulations in place, that information might have been disseminated in a way, and with some consequences, that might have made a difference.  

    During the hearing both Cummings and the ranking Republican on the subcommittee, Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio, said those responsible for the accident leading to the oil spill should face jail time.

     Source: Times Picayune, September 18, 2008

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