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Heading Out

Posted by burrowsm under Latest News on 2019-04-04
Research Vessel LAKE GUARDIAN left her berth near UWM’s School of Freshwater Sciences on Wednesday (4/3) and headed for the Lakes.

Owned by the US Environmental Protection Agency, LAKE GUARDIAN does an annual spring cruise to collect and analyze water samples from all five Great Lakes. Over the next 30 days, her crew will retrieve samples from a variety of depths at 80 locations. “The spring survey monitors lake health during a time of low biological activity, when the lakes are well-mixed.” This will be repeated in August. “The summer survey monitors lake health during the season of high biological activity, when the lakes are stratified.”

R/V LAKE GUARDIAN was launched in 1981 and worked as a supply ship for offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The Environmental Protection Agency bought her in 1988. She is 180 feet long and has accommodations for 41 people: 14 crew and 27 visiting scientists. She is also equipped with three laboratories: general purpose, chemistry and biology. Lake Guardian Heading Out


Tied up at Milwaukee’s Heavy Lift Dock are tugs REBECCA LYNN (left) and G.L. OSTRANDER (right).

PHOTO CREDIT:  Captain Gregory Stamatelakys, R/V NEESKAY

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